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[JURA] CLEARYL Smart+ Filter

[JURA] CLEARYL Smart+ Filter

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Caring for your Jura automatic coffee machine – to prolong its life and keep it fully functional – just got easier thanks to the new and innovative 3-phase cleaning tablets developed by Jura's lab team. Coffee makers build up limescale over time, which can affect coffee flavor and aroma, and while the original Jura cleaning tablets were specially formulated to address this and work with the decalcifying cycle of your Jura coffee machine, the latest version is the result of intensive research and testing to offer even better results and provide lasting protection against mineral deposits.

  • Designed for use with Jura fully automatic coffee machines.
  • Phase 1 removes coffee fats throughout system – from brewing unit to coffee spout.
  • Phase 2 seals pipes to delay coffee-fat deposits.
  • New Phase 3 adds complexing agents for lasting protection against limescale.
  • The result is hygiene and a longer service life all in one go at the touch of a button.
  • Phosphate-free cleaning formula.
  • Each pack includes 6 tablets.
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