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Have you tried Korean cast iron pot rice?

by Kay Yang on Jun 08, 2023

Have you tried Korean cast iron pot rice?

Have you tried Korean cast iron pot rice?

There’s saying in Korea as long as the rice is delicious, it will be a good meal even if there are not many side dishes.
My favorite part of this rice bowl is the toasted rice at the bottom of the bowl called nurungji. You can either scrape it off or even pour hot water to eat it as dessert! Perfect on a cold day or after a long day at work.
Hope you try this at home and DM us anytime with questions!

Korean Stone-Pot Rice
1) Wash the rice clean and soak it for about 30 minutes (soaking is optional but rice will cook much better).
2) Put the soaked rice in the stone-pot with water at 1:1 ratio.
3) Put the pot over a stove and bring it to boil for 7 minutes over medium heat. Then reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for 13 minutes. (You need to adjust the time according to the stove you are using).
4) Turn off the heat. Let it sit for 1 to 2 minutes then mix/fold the rice.
5) If you want nurungji, leave some rice on the bottom of the bowl on medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes with the lid open.
6) You can also take out the nurungji and either boil or pour hot water in the pot to enjoy it as dessert.


모두 솥밥들 좋아하시나요?
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솥밥 레서피
1. 쌀은 깨끗하게 씼어 30분정도 불려주세요 (안불리셔도 되요)
2. 불린쌀을 쌀:물 =1:1 동량으로 솥에 넣어주세요 (예 쌀1컵:물1컵)
3. 불에 솥을 올리고 중강불로 7분 끓여준후 불을 약하게 줄여서 13분 뜸들여주세요.(사용하시는 스토브에 따라 시간 조정 하셔야합니다)
4. 불끄고 1~2분 정도 기다렸다가 밥을 퍼주세요.
5. 누릉지 원하시면 밥들 어느정도 남기고 약중불에 10~15분 뚜껑열고 가열해주세요.
6. 후식으로 숭늉 원하시면 누릉지 꺼내고 물 넣고 끓여주세요.

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