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[Grand Noodle] Five Colored Noodles (거창한 국수/ 오방색국수)

[Grand Noodle] Five Colored Noodles (거창한 국수/ 오방색국수)

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Made in Korea
*How to boil Grandnoodles deliciously✨
-Boil noodles in boiling water for about 5 minutes.
-When the water boils up, pour cold water. It's good to repeat about three times.
-Wash thoroughly in cold water several times. very very important! This way, the noodles become chewy.
-Add perilla oil or olive oil salt and mix. The noodles are delicious enough. Noodle master Kim Hyun-Kyu has made his bright and colorful Grand noodles by hand for over 40 years. At his shop, he and his family make black, yellow, blue, white, and red noodles in accordance with Obang — or the five cardinal colors in Korean culture — by mixing wheat flour with ingredients like garlic chives, beets, rice, pumpkin, and more.

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