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[Bogen] Kara Satin Dinner Spoon & Chopsticks Set

[Bogen] Kara Satin Dinner Spoon & Chopsticks Set

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This set includes:

  • (1) Kara Satin Dinner Spoon (rounder and fuller than the narrower Korean spoon shape) 
  • (1) Kara Satin Chopsticks

The BOGEN Kara Satin Dinner Spoon and Chopstick Sets shine and resist rust with their superior 18-10 stainless steel construction. Add a touch of sophistication with the two-tone design featuring polycarbonate and flame-retardant materials for unbeatable heat resistance and durability.

Choose between five stunning handle colors (White/Navy/Olive/Pink/Black) and a satin and charcoal thick stripe base.

To ensure they last, we strongly advise hand-washing with soft cleaning materials and avoiding detergents with hydrogen peroxide. Salt-water contact should also be minimized for best results.

Made with love in South Korea, these spoon and chopstick sets are sure to elevate any meal.

Discover new and exciting varieties of our full Kara collection offered, including chopsticks, knives, forks, soup spoons, salad forks, butter  knives, tea forks, tea spoons, Korean soup spoons, and long tea spoons. 

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