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[Bogen] Rice Paddle

[Bogen] Rice Paddle

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BOGEN Rice Paddle Perfect for mixing sticky sushi rice Magnetic on bottom of rice paddle Comfortable to use Dishwasher safe Available Colors : Sky, Black, White, Green, Dark Pink, and Coral



Clean thoroughly before use as there may be some abrasion during production.

It is safe to sanitize in boiling water for no longer than 5 minutes.  Do NOT use any other chemicals if sanitized in boiling water.

Use of dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens is strongly NOT recommended.

Hydrogen peroxide and cleaning products which include baking/washing sodas are oxygen-based bleach containing heavy alkali and should not be used as it will damage the products coating.

It is strongly recommended to handwash with a soft dishwashing scrubber or sponge.  Rough fabric and metal scrubbers will most likely cause damage and scratches to the products coating.

Dinner Knife SUS420J2 contains iron content which is weak to humidity and is prone to rust if it’s not dried immediately after washing.

Microscopic scratches and dots may be caused during production and is not eligible for returns or exchanges.

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