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[Cozy Blue] 20 Piece Set for 4

[Cozy Blue] 20 Piece Set for 4

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This top-selling dinnerware set makes an ideal present and is perfect for dining in the home. Crafted with sophistication, its delicate presence complements any table setting. The 20 piece set for 4 includes:
  • Small Bowl (4pcs);
  • Cereal/Soup Bowl (4pcs);
  • 8" Plate (1pc);
  • 7" Plate (2pcs);
  • 6" Coupe Bowl (2pcs);
  • 5" Coupe Bowl (4pcs);
  • 4" Coupe Bowl (2pcs); and
  • 9" Pasta Bowl (2pcs)

This is a premium ceramic ware containing more than 50% 'bone ash'

Microwave and dishwasher safe

Made in Korea

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